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Carrots and Good Eye Sight?

My mother told me that carrots would give me good eyesight. Is that true?

She was right, but carrots are not the only food that can help improve your vision and give you healthy eyes.


One of the most basic components of good health is diet. It is the high carotenoid content of carrots that makes them good for your eyes. All yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, such as cantaloupe, peppers and squash are likewise beneficial for vision. Dark leafy greens are also high in carotenoids; spinach, kale and collard greens are associated with reduced risk of developing macular degeneration.

Have you heard about free radicals and what they do to your body? They are atoms or molecules that are missing one of their two electrons. This makes them unstable, so they will try to take an electron from another molecule nearby. This in turn creates another free radical which attacks the molecule next to it, and so on. The result is a chain reaction of damage (also called “oxidation”) to all major components of cells including DNA, proteins and cell membranes. Oxidation can cause diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammatory and immune diseases, asthma, diabetes, and dementia.

Lucky for us, antioxidants are substances that disarm free radicals and turn them into simple oxygen molecules. Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants (such as carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin) and therefore, reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases. Dark chocolate, pecans, blueberries, artichokes, goji berries, kale, beans, cabbage and broccoli have many health benefits. Both white and, especially, red wines are high in antioxidants and may reduce the risk of macular degeneration when consumed in moderation. So enjoy a glass or two this holiday season knowing you are helping reduce your risk of disease!

And so you see, your mother knew what she was talking about!