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Coloured Contacts

Have you thought about trying coloured contacts? Well, there are plenty of colour contact lenses available to subtly boost or distinctly transform your natural eye colour. There is a whole spectrum of colour contact lenses available these days, guaranteeing that you'll be sure to find just what you want. Regardless of whether your eyes are light or dark or something in between, colour contacts are able to alter the colour of your eyes, leaving you with a fresh, captivating and natural look. Colour contacts are available in monthly, 2 week or daily disposable choices.

When selecting a colour, consider the natural colour of your eyes, hair and skin, and the sort of change you'd like for yourself. If you're not sure what you're after, and want to look into a variety of colour options and see for yourself how your new lenses will alter your look, your eye doctor will help you out when you explore all the fantastic colours available. If you like, you can even get a ''rainbow pack'' if you aren't able to choose one colour.

It's also crucial that you purchase contact lenses from a trained and certified lens fitter only. This is because not all contact lenses fit everyone, even if they don't have a prescription. A lens with no prescription can chafe the eye and cause damage called a corneal abrasion, and in serious cases it can cause a corneal ulcer if the rubbing is bad enough. It's important to bear in mind that contact lenses are considered medical devices. Don't forget to stay away from colour contact lens suppliers who carry unregulated brands of contacts that may be coloured with hazardous dyes. Whether coloured lenses are used as prescription lenses to improve your eyesight or to simply enrich your regular colour, it's important that they're fitted and prescribed by your certified eye care professional. Make sure to swing by our store and explore your colour contact lens choices.